Sings That Your Tractor Hydraulic System Is In Need Of Repair Or Maintenace

If you have recently purchase a tractor for use on you property to dig ditches, remove trees, or to move large quantities of dirt, then your new vehicle will likely have a hydraulic system that allows for the movement of attachments like buckets. If you are unfamiliar with hydraulics, then you may not know if the system needs to be repaired or maintained. However, there are several signs that you can look for that can indicate a problem.

What Every Horse Barn Owner Needs To Know About Hay And Fire And Life Safety Systems

In south Florida, 12 horses were killed in a barn fire. If you own a horse barn, it’s important for you to protect your investment and your equine friends from deadly barn fires. Here’s what you need to know.  Keep hay out!  As a horse barn owner, you likely already know the importance of fire prevention, such as not allowing anyone to smoke in and around the barn; however, did you know that hay is highly combustible?

Masonry Restoration: 3 Things You Can Do To Determine Whether Mortar Joints Need To Be Repointed

Water can easily enter through mortar joints in the bricks and cause water damage to the walls. Depending on the quality of the original workmanship, most repointing jobs can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years; however, if you’ve noticed water stains on your walls and are curious as to whether the mortar joints need to be repointed, here are 3 things you can do. Inspect the Mortar Joints for Hairline Cracks

Finally Building On Your Vacant Land? What Are Your Options?

If you purchased a plot of vacant land a few years (or even decades) ago with intentions of building your dream home from the ground up, you may have finally decided that there’s no time like the present to get started. However, the prospect of custom building a home can be overwhelming, especially when you’re forced to make hundreds of decisions (from floor plan to fixtures) quickly while also arranging constructing financing, packing your household belongings, and investigating moving truck rental rates.

How A Sealed Furnace Benefits Your Home

Energy efficiency is a big deal for many new homes and plenty of older homes, as well. That means the average home is built with fewer opportunities for indoor air to leak out (and outdoor air to leak in, for that matter). This tighter envelop makes it easier to heat your home efficiently, but it can also pose some dangerous issues if you’re using a conventional furnace that’s left open to your home.

Safety Fence Options For Your Home Construction Project

When you’re starting a construction project on your property, safety is a key consideration. Not only should you be considering your own safety and that of the others working on-site, but you should also be attentive to the safety of others who may be in the neighborhood. The last thing you need is to have someone wander onto the site and suffer an injury. Here’s a look at a few different types of fence that you can install to keep the hazards in and wanderers out.

Has A Ceiling Leak Affected Your Hardwood Floors? What Are Your Cleanup And Repair Options?

Dealing with a leak in your roof or ceiling can have you scrambling to make repairs before permanent structural damage occurs. While shingles can be patched and drywall replaced relatively quickly, you may find yourself neglecting (or merely forgetting about) the hardwood flooring below this leak once the initial moisture has been sopped up. Unfortunately, failing to take remediative efforts once your hardwood floors have been exposed to moisture could leave you facing an expensive repair or replacement process.

3 Exterior Home Features Ideal For Improving Basement Bedroom Conversions

A lot of square footage and usable space can be added to your home when you decide to finish the basement. Turning the basement into a bedroom is a great way to create an in-law apartment or a private area for older children. As you finish and plan the inside of the basement, it’s also important to consider the exterior of the home. There are three different features that you can have applied to the exterior of the house that will provide benefits for a basement bedroom and help the room thrive for years to come.

Should You Try To Temper Your Own Tools At Home?

Whether you’re a professional carpenter or just a hobbyist, you may struggle with a constant dilemma when it comes to tool purchases. Purchasing inexpensive tools may leave you searching for a replacement part (or tool) after just a few projects, but buying tools made from tempered iron or steel can leave you without much room in your budget for other materials. Fortunately, some enterprising woodworkers and construction professionals have designed a cheap and effective workaround – tempering your current tools from the comfort of your own home, using only a high-temperature oven and deep fryer.

Two Bathroom Remodeling Additions To Assist Seniors

If you are considering remodeling the bathroom on your home and have a senior relative living with you, then it may be best to choose options that are friendly to the elderly. Around 235,000 people are injured in the bathroom each year, and these injuries increase with age. Most injuries occur around the bathtub or shower and around the toilet as well. Thankfully, there are several different additions you can add to the room to reduce injury concerns.

What You Should Know about Furnace Pressure Switches and Testing Them for Failure

Your residential natural gas furnace relies upon a variety of electronic controls and switches to function safely and efficiently. One such component is the pressure switch, and if there is something wrong with the switch, then the furnace won’t operate. Below is more information on gas furnace pressure switches as well as how you can test your switch for proper operation: What you should know about furnace pressure switches Pressure switches prevent operation of the furnace if air pressure inside the vent fails to fall within a predetermined range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outlet Replacement

If you have an outlet that is cracked or doesn’t appear to be working, you may wonder about outlet replacement. If you have never had to replace an outlet before, you may have many questions about this process. Here are a few of the questions you may have, as well as the answers. Why Would My Outlets Need to Be Replaced? Your outlets may need to be replaced for a variety of reasons.

Common Garage Door Problems You Could Run Into This Winter

As temperatures plummet, your garage is usually the first part of your home to experience winter’s effects. The cold weather can have a number of strange effects on your garage door, which could get in the way of it operating properly. By knowing what could cause these wintertime issues, you can have your garage door repaired quickly and effectively. Sluggish Garage Door Opener If your garage door is equipped with an automatic garage door opener, you might notice that it’s working a bit more sluggishly than usual.

What Does An Air Conditioning Service Consist Of?

It is recommended that you have your air conditioning unit serviced on a yearly basis, preferably in spring before warm temperatures hit. If you are a new homeowner, or have simply not paid much attention in the past, you may be unsure of what an air conditioning service consists of and what a technician does to your unit. Learning about the steps that are taken during the service will help you to better understand its importance and how it helps your air conditioning unit.

Patching A Pothole? Here's How To Thoroughly Prepare For This DIY Asphalt Fix

Asphalt repairs rely on a strong bond between the new patch and the old pavement in order to restore your driveway to good condition. If you’re planning to fill in a pothole, you’ll have to prepare the area extensively before you can think about mixing up an asphalt patch.  Cleaning Dirt Off Of The Pavement Before you can start fixing a pothole, you first need to thoroughly clean the area. Dirt and other debris can stop the new asphalt from adhering properly to the surrounding material, which could lead to the pothole opening back up again.

Are You Prepared For OSHA's New Truck-Mounted Crane Requirements?

If your company regularly uses service truck cranes within the 2,000 to 14,000-pound capacity, then you may want to take note of some upcoming changes proposed by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. New regulations for late 2017 are set to shake up how service truck cranes are currently operated. The following offers a brief rundown of the new operator and certification requirements, as well as how they’ll affect your operations.

3 Asbestos-Related Questions To Ask When Shopping For Your First Home

Asbestos is always a fear lurking in the back of the minds of first-time home buyers. It’s difficult to detect, and nobody wants to land a great deal on a house only to find that living there could pose long-term health consequences. Since asbestos is often not discovered in a home until it goes on the market and is put through vigorous inspections, you need to be prepared for the surprise news that an affected house will arise at some point during the buying process.

How To Settle Private Road Repair Funding Disputes Without Losing Your Cool

Whether you and your neighbors share a long gravel driveway or an entire system of interconnected paved roads, it can be downright impossible to get every property owner in agreement over road repairs. Some simply don’t want to pay for maintenance and repair costs, while others disagree just to get back at each other for past conflicts. Make your shared private roads safe and easy to use again with one of these four methods for settling disputes about repair fees.

Seven Tips For A Trouble-free Asphalt Driveway

If you’ve recently installed a new asphalt driveway for your home, you need to know how to properly maintain it so that it will serve you for many years. For instance, during the first few weeks after installation, you shouldn’t use your driveway. Additionally, there are several preventative measures you should take to avoid potential problems. This includes applying a sealant to the driveway, maintaining landscape edging and avoiding heavy loads and sharp objects.

Simple, Safe, Non-Toxic Maintenance Tips For Your New Vinyl Windows

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of regular updates. Of course, certain updates or replacements not only improve the look of your home, but also ensure it remains valuable and functional. If window installation offers an estimated 72.9 percent return on your investment, it can be a worthwhile expense. From added appeal and improved energy efficiency, the benefits of new windows for your home are easy to see.

2 Under $100: Easy Exterior Upgrades You Can Finish in a Single Weekend

Whether you’re trying to sell your home, or simply want to reinvigorate your home’s dated exterior, taking on an improvement project of any size can seem like an expensive, overwhelming task. While it’s best to leave the big jobs to the professionals, there are other jobs that won’t cost a lot, and can be accomplished in a matter of hours. Here are two easy DIY home improvement projects that in most cases you get done for $100 or less.

Don't Let These Six Myths Deter You From Choosing Wallpaper

If you’re like many homeowners, the mention of wallpaper brings to mind images of large rollers, buckets of paste and an overwhelming mess. For those who haven’t looked into wallpaper in a long time, this is probably the memory that persists. Wallpaper has come a long way since those days, but the myths surrounding its use haven’t gone away. Here’s a look at a few myths about wallpaper and the truth you should know about them.

How Your Water Heater Affects Your Home's Water Quality

Residential hot water has turned from a luxury into a modern necessity over the past century. The water heater in your home allows you to thoroughly and efficiently bathe, wash various items, and even prepare food. However, the appliance tasked with heating your home’s water has a significant effect on your water quality. Here’s how your water heater will positively or negatively impact the quality of your hot water. The Root Of The Problem: Minerals

Building A Home? 2 Garage Door Upgrades That Will Make Your Home More Secure

When you start building your dream home, you might be more concerned about hardwood finishes and granite countertops than you are about your garage door. Unfortunately, choosing a basic model might make your home less secure, which could ultimately compromise your safety and security. Here are two garage door upgrades that will make your home more secure, so that you can sleep a little easier at night: 1: Faux Garage Door Windows

5 Summer Chores To Prepare Your Wood Stove For Next Winter

As the weather heats up for the summer, the closest many people come to thinking about theirwood burning stoves is chopping wood for a backyard bonfire. Unfortunately, if you fail to maintain your stove and fuel during the warm season, an early cold snap in the fall can leave you scrambling to get your unit up and running. There are only a few chores you have to do during the summer months, and if you do them early, you will be able to enjoy a warm fire as soon as the nights turn chilly again.

5 Tips For Teaching Youth Crews Appropriate Use Of Fall Protection Equipment

With summer just around the corner, teens and young adults will be looking for volunteer and summer internship positions that will give them practical life skills. This may mean that you will be asked to assist a youth crew on various construction projects. Whether you work with a conservation crew that may need to prevent falls down slippery hillsides while cutting trail or a volunteer youth building crew helping to build a home or community building, there may come the time that you have youth volunteers helping you with projects that require fall protection equipment.

Can't Do The Dirty Work | Solving 4 Reasons Behind Street Sweeping Delays

Without regular street sweeping services, your city roads quickly develop a thick layer of plant debris, dirt and garbage. The dirt and debris not only looks unsightly, but it disrupts the ability of vehicles from bicycles to buses to drive safely down your roadway. Unfortunately, despite scheduled sweeping services, professionals must skip roads on occasion due to obstructions blocking the intended work area. The street sweeping vehicles require a totally clear pathway to suck up all of the dirt and debris along the road in a single pass.

4 Parts Of Your Gas Furnace That Must Be Inspected Annually

Your gas furnace has provided the heat that’s kept your home warm for the past several years. However, after years of heavy winter usage, your furnace’s various components have sustained wear. If these worn components continue to be used excessively, then they can become hazardous. Hire your local HVAC technician to inspect these four components of your gas furnace before every winter season: Thermocouple Your furnace’s thermocouple creates the electricity that’s required to open the valve that delivers gas to your burner assembly.

Garage Disposal Not Working? It Could Be A Jammed Shaft

Kitchen sink garbage disposals are one of the modern conveniences that make food preparation a lot easier. When they malfunction, it is frustrating and messy for homeowners trying to accommodate. Fortunately, a common and easily-corrected disposal problem is a jammed motor shaft, and it is something you can often resolve yourself. Below are a couple of common repairs to try before calling a plumber or attempting to replace the unit:

3 Ways To Prepare Your Earth Home For Electrical Wiring

Whether you are building with adobe, super adobe, cob, or earth bags, the revival of earthen construction techniques have enabled many Americans to build their own homes or vacation cabins with their own hands and limited materials. It can be liberating to design and build your home without having to go into debt. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be frustrating. The three areas of construction that most novice builders worry about are the roof, the plumbing, and the electrical system.

8 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth After Flooding

If your home was recently involved in a flood, you have a limited amount of time to act if you want to prevent mold growth. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to start growing, so you must start your cleanup as soon as it is safe to do so. Follow these tips to reduce moisture and prevent mold from growing in flooded areas. 1. Repair damaged plumbing immediately.

3 Cheap Ways To Protect Your Windshield This Winter

Freezing temperatures make driving more difficult in a number of ways. Icy roads are harder to drive on and snow makes it hard to see while you’re driving. Then there’s the possibility that your windshield will freeze overnight. At best, you have to waste precious time in the morning scraping the ice off of your windshield. At worst, your windshield could crack due to the extreme temperatures. Either way, you’re better off knowing how to prevent your windshield from freezing if possible, and how to gently remove the ice from your glass if it freezes anyway.

Snow, Ice, And Windshields: Clearing Up Your View With Winter Safety In Mind

Winter time is hard on cars. The extreme cold and mounting piles of ice and snow can be dangerous, especially for a car’s windshield, which is sensitive to extremes of temperature. If you want to get the ice cleaned off of your car each day without putting its windshield at risk, you’ll need to know what steps can make your car winter-safe – and what steps might put it in danger.

Three Ways To Wreck A Perfectly Good HVAC System

If you have money that you do not know what to do with, consider replacing your HVAC system long before it is due. While you may have qualms with replacing a perfectly good system, a little neglect on your part will go a long ways to ensuring that your system dies before time. With a little luck, you can also raise your heating and cooling bills. That means that you will be able to send more of your extra money to the energy company as well.

Preventing Thefts By Beefing Up Your Garage Doors' Security System

Hundreds of home burglaries are conducted each year in the United States. While many of them were bound to take place, many others could have easily been prevented with a properly installed garage door security system. Burglars usually carefully select when they will attack such as when the house occupants are on vacation or during the holiday season. This article explains how beefing up the security system of your garage door can prevent thieves from entering in your home and stealing your belongings.

Causes Of Uneven Heating And Cooling And How To Solve The Problems

If you live in a multi-level home, there is a good chance that you will notice problems with attaining an even temperature throughout your entire home. This is a common problem in homes that have two or more floors, but there are ways to fix this problem. Here are some of the common causes of uneven heating and cooling and the ways the problems can be fixed. Blocked Vents Before you call an HVAC company to come and check your system, you may want to perform an inspection of the vents in your home.

How To Test Your Hot Water Heater Elements With A Multimeter

Your hot water heater plays a vital role in whether or not you can enjoy your home plumbing system to the fullest. Anyone who’s had to take an ice-cold shower before work due to a badly leaking tank has experienced this first-hand. One of the most common issues that homeowners experience is an inability to make hot water–this is usually related to a bad element. If you know how to use a multimeter, you can easily test the elements right at home in just a few short, easy steps.

Increase Your Air Conditioning System's Efficiency And Save Money With A Programmable Thermostat

You have a new air conditioning system humming away in your home. You’ve had the duct system checked out, the window and door seals redone and you avoid setting your thermostat temperature too low. But, your air conditioning energy bills are still higher than you would like. One easy solution is to go to websites and have a programmable thermostat installed. This device will maximize your air conditioning’s efficiency and still keep you comfortable.