Just Had A Replacement Door Installed? Three Things To Know About Your Door Going Forward

Most people think that after they have taken the time to select replacements doors for their home and had the doors installed, that is the end of their replacement door journey. However, there are a few things that you should learn about the door and keep in mind as you go forward with your new door. Here are three things that you need to know and keep in mind as you move through your life with your brand new replacement doors:

What Types of Maintenance and Care Your Door Needs

One of the most important things that you need to know about your new replacement door moving forward is how to properly maintain and care for it. You want to learn how to clean the doors, how to properly operate them, how to oil the doors or rollers, and how to care for any door tracks that may be in place. Learning how to properly care for and maintain your door helps your door to last as long as it is designed to last, without the door incurring any unneeded damage. 

What Is and Is Not Covered By Your Warranty

Another important thing to know about your replacements doors is what is and what is not covered by your warranty. After you purchase replacement doors and have them installed, you will likely receive a booklet with the door that pertains to warranty information. You may need to register your door online or mail something off to ensure your door is registered and the warranty starts. From there, read through the booklet to learn what is and is not covered by the warranty and how long the warranty lasts. 

Who You Need to Contact If a Problem Occurs With Your Door

Finally, you need to consider who to contact if a problem occurs with your door. If you encounter a problem with the door, do you contact the installation company, the manufacturer, or a repair company certified by the manufacturer? Educating yourself ahead of time can save valuable time if you ever find yourself facing an unexpected issue with your replacement doors.  

After your door is installed, you will want to take the time to learn how to maintain and care for your door, what may or may not be covered by a warranty, and who you need to contact if a problem does occur with your new replacement doors. All of this information is important as you go about living with your new replacement door. Contact a replacement door company today if you are looking to replace your entry or back doors.