A Few Types Of Storm Shutters To Consider For Window Protection During A Storm

You never know when the storm season is going to be a bad one, so it's always good to prepare for the worst. One thing you can do to protect your home is to have storm shutters put on all of your windows and glass doors. Storm shutters could save you from having to replace broken glass and clean up the inside of your home after it has been damaged by wind and rain. While you can buy shutters made of wood or metal panels that you store in the garage until a storm is coming, permanent shutters are much more convenient. Here are some common choices.

Metal Awning Shutters

Metal awning shutters are mounted permanently over each window in your home. They provide shade and protection from the sun and rain during all seasons of the year. When a storm comes, you drop the awning and lock it in place to protect your windows. For metal awnings to be effective in high winds, you have to buy quality shutters and be sure to close them before the storm comes so strong winds won't damage them.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are a more attractive option than metal awning shutters. Bahama shutters can be made of metal too, but they are often made of wood. They attach to your house above the windows and the bottom is propped up on legs. These shutters have several slats in a style similar to mini-blinds, so you can open the slats when you want a full view of the outdoors. When a storm comes, you close the slats, lower the shutter, and lock it in place so it closes completely and securely over your window.

Roll-Down Shutters

When a big storm takes you by surprise, you may not have time to go around your house outside and lower and lock all of your shutters, especially if the lightning is bad. If you want the most convenient way to use storm shutters, you may want to install the kind you operate with a remote and that rolls down at the push of a button. These shutters are kept rolled up during good weather and are kept out of sight in a storage tube that's permanently attached above each window. Automatic shutters get your home ready for a storm in just a couple of minutes so you never have to worry about your windows going unprotected during a surprise storm.

Shutters are important because they stop flying debris from knocking out your windows and they keep destructive wind out of your house. The three examples above are some choices you may want to consider, but there are other options as well that might be better for a limited budget or when you don't want shutters attached to your home permanently.