Selling A Home? What To Do About That Really Ugly Bathtub

Homeowners know that an important part of the home selling process involves making sure they do the work to ensure that the home looks appealing to prospective buyers. In addition to looking good in marketing photos and video, it must also look fresh and clean each time prospective buyers and buyer agents arrive for viewings. If you are currently preparing your home for the real estate market but find that you are stymied by an ugly bathtub, here are some helpful tips. 

Missing or dirty caulk

If the caulk used to provide a watertight seal on the seams around the bathtub has become stained, mildewed, or is missing, it can be a real eyesore when trying to sell your home. If the caulk is in good condition and just dirty or discolored, scrubbing it gently with a paste made from one part hydrogen peroxide and three parts baking soda will help it look clean and fresh. If the caulk is in poor condition, removing it and replacing it with a matching or clear caulk product is a good choice. 

Stains and discoloration

If the water supply your home is connected to has a high concentration of iron or minerals in it, you may find that your bathtub appears to be stained or have a buildup of residue. Applying a paste made from three parts of baking soda and one part vinegar can safely remove this type of buildup from most tub surfaces, including porcelain and cast iron.

After the paste is applied, leave it in place for thirty minutes and then scrub gently with a dampened sponge and rinse thoroughly. If the buildup has been in place for a long time, it may take more than one application to remove the buildup. 

Scratches, chips, or color issues

If the problems with your ugly bathtub are deeper or more serious, you may need to resort to more serious solutions. While replacing the tub is certainly one option, the construction costs involved in having your old tub removed and replaced can be considerable. In addition, the time involved for this type of renovation can be a problem for homeowners who are trying to get their home onto the real estate market. 

A faster, quicker option that will also provide cosmetically appealing results is to have the surface restored by a local bathtub refinishing company. This type of project can be done without costly construction work in just a fraction of the time it would take to remove and replace your old tub.