How To Maintain Your Heating System In The Springtime

As springtime rolls in, you will soon be turning off your heating system and letting it rest until fall brings cold weather back again. Spring, therefore, might seem like a strange time to do maintenance on your heating system. But if you spend the time to give it some maintenance and care right now, it will be better prepared to serve you again next fall. Here's how to maintain your heating system in the springtime.

1. Change the furnace filter.

You really should be changing the furnace filter every two to three months, but many homeowners forget to complete this task often enough. Change the filter now, so you'll have a fresh one in place when heating season returns. You would not want to turn the heat on again for the first time and have the system blow air through a dirty filter. 

There are so many air filters on the market, but in most cases, a basic, pleated filter that costs $3 or $4 is perfectly suitable. You may wish to pay a bit more for a high-efficiency filter if someone in your home suffers from indoor allergies.

2. Vacuum the vent covers.

After the heat has been off for a few days, vacuum off your vent covers, and also as far down into the ducts as you can reach from the vent openings. Waiting a few days allows the dust to settle, so you get more of it when you vacuum. Doing this now prevents dust from being scattered all over your home and getting sucked into your furnace when fall comes.

3. Clean the blower unit.

The blower unit houses the powerful fan that propels heated air through your home. It is generally located right next to your air filter. You can access the blower by simply removing the metal cover plate in front of it. Turn off power to your furnace before you do this. Once you've accessed the blower, use a vacuum cleaner to suction the dust and debris off the fan blades, belt, and other exposed components. If you see a lot of caked-on dust, you can wipe it away with a wet rag.

4. Check the bolts.

While you have the cover off the blower unit, make sure that any bolts you see are tight. If they become loose, this can cause the blower unit to make rattling noises and work components loose. Use a wrench to tighten any loose bolts.

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