Six Reasons Steel Fabrication Is Becoming More Popular In Home Building

When most people think about home construction, they picture the use of copious amounts of lumber. And while homes are still built with a lot of wood, parts fabricated from steel are becoming more and more common. Here is a look at six benefits of using steel-fabricated products in residential construction.

Steel Is Strong

The structural strength of steel can't be beat. The frame of a house needs to support a lot of weight, and while lumber has done an excellent job for centuries, steel is much stronger than wood is.

Steel Is Impervious To Insect Damage

With steel framing, you also don't need to worry about termites compromising the frame of your home. This is especially important in regions of the country that are prone to termite infestation, such as the Southeast or coastal California. Carpenter ants also don't stand a chance against steel components.

Steel Is Environmentally Friendly

Using steel trusses and framing components means you aren't using trees. Additionally, a lot of steel is recycled, sometimes numerous times. It won't take 100 years or more to fabricate new steel components.

Steel Won't Decay Like Lumber Will

In most building applications, galvanized steel is used. This means the raw steel is coated, usually with zinc. Once it is coated, the steel is said to be galvanized. This means it is now protected from oxygen. Without oxygen, the steel cannot rust, which means you can expect it to last a long time, especially in damp climates.

Steel Will Protect Your Home From Natural Disasters Better Than Lumber

A traditional home can attract lightning, which can cause damage as well as start a house fire. Steel will protect the house against lightning as the steel will provide a path for the lightning to follow to the ground.

Homes in earthquake, tornado, and hurricane zones will also benefit from steel construction. You've likely seen videos of tornadoes passing over a home and leaving a pile of toothpicks in its wake. With steel, you will have more protection from the forces of nature.

Steel Won't Adversely Affect Your Air Quality

The lumber industry uses a lot of chemicals to treat the wood products they manufacture. There are chemicals to pressure treat the wood, glues, and adhesives to make products like oriented-strand board and plywood, and chemicals are used to guard against insect infestation. That's a lot of chemicals closed up in your home. This is particularly bad for those with asthma or chemical sensitivities. With steel, you won't have this concern.

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