Why A Wet Basement Is A Problem, And A Look At Waterproofing Options

If your basement gets a little wet every time it rains, you may not think it's worth the trouble to have it waterproofed. A little water during the rainy season may not seem like it's a big deal. However, there are important reasons to keep your basement as dry as possible. Here's a look at why you should waterproof your basement and ways you can do it.

Why A Wet Basement Is A Problem

When your basement gets wet, the space can't be used for storage or as a workshop because of the risk of water damage. This makes your basement little more than wasted space. When you dry out the area, you'll be able to use it for a recreation room or to store your excess belongings so you don't have to rent a storage unit.

A damp basement can cause problems with mold and musty odors too. The air in your basement mingles with the air in the rest of your house, and that can make your entire home smell bad when your basement is damp and musty. Plus, the high humidity in a basement attracts bugs like roaches and silverfish, and they attract predators like spiders.

How To Waterproof Your Basement

Understanding why your basement gets wet is the first step in solving the problem. Hire a waterproofing professional to inspect your basement and recommend a way to keep it dry. Applying a waterproof coating to the interior or exterior walls might help, or sealing cracks in the concrete might be the answer. An exterior drain buried under the ground could be installed to catch water before it reaches the foundation, or an interior drain and pump system could be installed inside.

In addition, you may need to have gutters repaired, basement windows sealed, or landscaping moved that's near your home. You may also want to put an end to condensation that contributes to excess humidity in the space by wrapping exposed pipes and covering the walls with insulation. Running a dehumidifier might also be necessary to keep the air in your basement dry so you can safely store cardboard boxes in the space.

Whether you want to finish the basement and turn it into a living space or not, keeping your basement dry has many benefits. Basement waterproofing isn't always an expensive and disruptive process. It depends on the reason for the problem and what type of work has to be done to correct it. By hiring a professional to choose the right solution for the problem, you can have peace of mind your basement will stay dry and your belongings won't be ruined when it rains.