Dealing With Damage To The Deck Around Your Pool

Having a pool can be a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of work. In-ground pools are sometimes harder to deal with than those above ground because all the plumbing for the pump and filtration system are underground as well. The deck around the pool is also important, so dealing with repairs to the pool, the plumbing, or the deck can become costly and cannot really be put off.

Damage To The Decking

The deck around the pool is typically concrete and over time it can crack or become damaged. While this is not abnormal, it can become a problem if rain or other water seeps into the cracks and starts to erode the soil under the concrete. Water undermining the deck can cause more crackis or even a failure of the concrete deck altogether. While a small crack might not be a concern in some situations, the area around your pool holds a higher risk because of the amount of water in the area. If you start seeing cracks on the deck around the pool, it might be a good time to have a pool contractor come and inspect the pool and area around it.

Maintaining the Pump And Plumbing

The pump for your in-ground pool is most likely in a pump house near the pool and it pretty easy to maintain if you know what needs to be changed and how often. If you are not comfortable with doing the maintenance yourself, you can hire a pool service to come out and clean the pool and deal with the pump maintenance when it needs to be done. The plumbing for the pump runs under the pool deck and if there is a problem with it, the deck might have to come up to access the plumbing. If that is the case, the job should be handled by a pool contractor so that no additional damage is done to the pool in the process.

Damage To The Pool

If your in-ground pool is damaged in some way and it needs to be repaired, the pool will most likely need to be drained so that the contractor can access the pool. The pool surface may need to be repaired if it is an older pool or you may want to have it completely resurfaced. This is a good time to make any changes to the interior of the pool if you have been considering it, so talk with the contractor about what your ideas are and if it is possible to upgrade the existing pool, or if it's better to remove the old one and put in a whole new pool.

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