A Few Things To Know Before You Demolish Your Old House

If your home is old and in need of a lot of remodeling work, you might be thinking about having it demolished so you can build a new home instead. Demolishing gives you a fresh start. You can have the home torn down to the dirt and hauled away. Then, you're guaranteed to have the home you want since you can build it from scratch. Here are a few things you might want to know about having a home demolished.

You'll Need A Permit

You'll need a permit whether you remodel or demolish the home. Checking on the permit process first is important so you can verify your home isn't in a historic district. If it is, you might not be permitted to demolish the house completely. You may have to be selective so enough of the house is left standing to qualify as a remodel. Another thing you'll want to check is the plans for your new home. Before you tear down your house, make sure the plans you have for the new one will be allowed by the city.

The Utility Companies Need To Disconnect

You'll want to call each of your utilities and tell them you plan to demolish the house so they can visit your property and shut off the services in the way they need. Simply turning off your meters won't be enough. Your electric company will need to remove the line to your house, and the gas and water companies may need to remove services from the street so breaking the pipes during the demolition won't cause any leaks.

You May Need Inspections For Hazardous Materials

You might be required to have an asbestos inspection before the demolition begins. If your house is found to have hazardous materials, that could increase the cost of demolition significantly. You'll want to know beforehand so you can prepare for the added expense.

You'll Need Approval From Your Lender

If you still owe money on your home, you'll have to work out a deal with your lender since you can't demolish a home that has a mortgage. You might need to pay off the mortgage and get a construction loan for building the new home.

You May Want To Recycle Some Materials

If you're in a hurry and you want to clear the house as quickly as possible, you may want it demolished and disposed of quickly. However, you could take your time and attempt to recycle or sell some of the valuable building materials if your home has them. You might make enough money to help pay for the permit or some of the demolishing costs. Plus, you can prevent waste from ending up in a landfill that could be used elsewhere.

Demolishing your house may seem like a quick and simple solution to a house that is outdated and broken down. While it's a great option and gives you the chance to build the house of your dreams, the demolition takes a lot of coordination and planning. The first step is to call a demolition contractor and discuss the process, so you know what to expect and understand your responsibilities.

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