Need Reinforced Concrete For Your Commercial Project? 4 Reasons You Need Post Tension Stabilization

When you work in the concrete construction industry, you need to make sure you're using the right process every step of the way. One wrong move could lead to serious complications, including the loss of structural integrity. Depending on where your project is being constructed, there are some steps that are more important than others. For instance, if you're going to be pouring concrete for a large project in California, you won't want to forego the use of post tension. Utilizing steel beams beneath the concrete slab provides an additional layer of stability, that concrete alone can't provide. Here are four important reasons why you shouldn't bypass the post tension when constructing a concrete slab in California.

Stabilizes Soil Movement

When pouring a concrete slab, it's important to account for the soil expansion that will happen. When the temperature changes, soil goes through a process of expansion and shrinkage. Unfortunately, constructing a building on a cracked slab can lead to serious problems later on, including the collapse of your building. Ensuring the use of post tension construction will reinforce the concrete and stabilize the soil expansion.

Protects Against Seismic Activity

When pouring concrete slabs for large construction projects in California, it's important to take seismic activity into consideration. While large earthquakes don't occur often, they still need to be planned for. Not only that, but small earthquakes and tremors occur on a regular basis in California. Continuous seismic activity can undermine the structural integrity of any concrete slab. That's why it's crucial for you to include post tension stabilization in any California construction projects involving concrete. The added stabilization will protect your project against seismic activity.

Allows Coverage for Larger Areas

When pouring concrete slabs for a larger construction projects, too many slabs can undermine the stability of the building. For maximum strength and durability, fewer slabs, utilizing thinner layers of concrete should be the aim of any construction project. One of the benefits of post tension is that it allows for the construction of fewer slabs, using fewer joints. Post tension is an excellent stabilization choice when constructing concrete slabs for shopping centers and bridges.

Saves Time and Money

When pouring concrete slabs for large construction projects, you want to save time and money, without jeopardizing stability and safety. Because post tension allows for the use of less concrete, you can save time and money on your construction project, without undermining the structural integrity of the project.

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