3 Reasons Wall Sawing Is Not A DIY Project For Most Homeowners

Perhaps you have a wall that separates your living room from your dining room and you want it gone. Maybe there is a concrete wall dividing your basement and you would rather have a wide open space. You may be considering tackling wall removal as a DIY project, but this really is not the best idea. The fact is, taking down a wall with a saw can be an incredibly challenging thing to do, and should not be done without proper knowledge of the process. Here is a look at a few reasons why wall sawing is not a DIY project that is fitting for ordinary homeowners. 

Wall sawing involves great understanding of architectural engineering. 

Removing a wall, or even removing a section of a wall, can completely change how the overall load of your home is supported. If you make changes to wall structures, you could easily put your home's overall structure in danger of collapsing because there is not enough there to support the weight. Changing wall structure can also put undue stress on surrounding load-bearing walls in your home, which can extend damage even further than what you would expect. . 

Wall sawing requires top-quality tools and machinery. 

You can pick up saws that are capable of sawing walls from just about any home-improvement store. You can even find some wall saws at local equipment rental stores. However, the top-of-the-line saws used for this purpose are far more complex and high-quality, and they can be really expensive. These higher quality saws are typically purchased by industry contractors who do such construction changes for a living. Therefore, you are not likely to see the same results on your own as what you would pay a professional to do because you simply don't have the best tools and equipment for the job. 

Wall sawing is one of the messiest renovation procedures you can do. 

Wall sawing is more than just using a saw to cut out pieces of a standing wall. It is also removing wiring and electrical components, moving water lines if necessary, and a huge amount of clean up work. If you have never sawed a wall to remove it before, you will be amazed at just how much work goes into preparing for the cutting and then cleaning up afterwards. When you hire a professional for wall sawing, all of the dirty work will be rightly handled with no surprises. 

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