Insight To Help You Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

With fall arriving and winter not far away, it is time to get your home's roof and gutters prepared for cold and wet winter weather. Here are some tips to help you complete this preparation project.

Clean and Repair Roof

The first step to get your roof ready for winter is to safely get upon your roof and clean it of any debris and inspect for damage. Remove tree branches and pick off other large pieces of debris. Debris left on your roof can cause moisture to stay upon your roof and lead to moisture damage.

Sweep or spray leaves and other small debris from your roof, spraying from the top of the roof to the bottom. You don't want to spray water up under your shingles, as this can cause damage to the underlayers of your roof. You also don't want to use a pressure washer, only a garden hose to spray your roof clean. A pressure washer will remove the protective layer of particles from your shingles, which can cause them to fail.

Next, if any shingles are cracked, broken, or missing, you will need to replace a new shingle into its place. If you don't have a box of extra shingles for your roof, you can buy matching shingles at a roofing supply or home improvement store. Be sure you lift up the shingle positioned above the missing or damaged shingle by removing the row of nails attaching both nails onto the roof. You can also hire a roofing professional to take care of these repairs.

Maintain Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean and free of cracks and holes is important to help keep your home's foundation from being at risk of moisture damage. If your gutters are not able to work properly to guide rainwater from your rooftop and to a safe position away from your foundation, the water will saturate the soil around your foundation. This can lead to basement and foundation leaks.

Clean out your gutters with a garden hose and a spray nozzle attachment, or a pressure washer. If the debris inside your gutters is dry leaves and twigs, you can simply scoop them clean with a small shovel.

Check for any sagging of your gutters and any leaks along connection points, corners, and the bottoms of the gutters. Have any sagging and cracks or hole damage repaired as soon as possible by hiring a professional, such as from Palmer Roofing, or completing the work yourself.