Typical Requirements For Obtaining A Pallet Rack Permit

To install and begin using a pallet racking system, you will need to obtain a permit within some municipalities. Because municipalities can vary regarding whether you need a permit, it is important to first double-check the requirements. Depending on the type of racking system, you may need other permits besides the rack permit.

The Timeframe

If the permit is submitted properly, it will be approved in no later than four weeks. However, if a mistake was made when submitting the documents, the permitting process might be delayed as you are forced to submit the missing documents. 

Development Permits

Depending on the type of pallet rack, it may be necessary to obtain a development permit. If the development permit is necessary, it will take longer for you to get started on the installation of the pallet because the development permit can take four months or longer. It is important to take the timeline into consideration when scheduling the project. 

Documents Required

To obtain the permit, you will need to submit two copies of each drawing, calculation, and specification. The drawings include floor plans, exit paths, site plans, the layout of the racking and elevation or section drawings that show the full height of the pallet racking. The bolt and washer sizes must be included. The exact installation instructions from the manufacturer must be included. 

Depending on the height of the rack, you may need a stamp from a licensed engineer. All of the drawings and calculations must be stamped unless the rack is below a certain height determined by your state. Then, the rack simply needs to be installed based on manufacturer's specifications. 

Fire Hazard Considerations

In most cases, the documentation above will suffice. However, if the materials stored on the racks are flammable, the type of commodities that will be stored need to be specified. Whether or not the racks will be placed inside or outside must be specified. The method used to place the commodities on the racks must be specified. A fire sprinkler system should be installed and this should be clarified in the documents. There may also be a mandatory number of doors installed.

The easiest way to obtain a pallet rack permit is to work with a contractor who has experience with obtaining the proper permit. He or she will handle the process for you and will know every document that will be needed in order to complete the pallet permitting process. 

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