Is A Water Irrigation System Right For You?

Many people spend a lot of time and money on their yard and landscaping. For some, they want their lawn to look lush and green all of the time, and their backyard to be a backyard oasis, a respite from the hassles of daily life. In areas of the country getting plenty of rain regularly, this is relatively easy to accomplish. They may only need to occasionally supplement water in the hottest months of summer. But in other areas of the country where rain is a rarity, in order to keep their grass and landscaping green, a water irrigation system is the best answer. Here is what you need to know.

What Are The Advantages Of A Water Irrigation System?

A residential irrigation system will protect the time, money, and labor investment you have put into your landscaping. Shrubs, sod, and other plants are expensive, and no one wants to see all of their hard work go to waste due to a drought.

An irrigation system can also save you money over time. When people pull out their garden hoses and a cheap sprinkler, they tend to use more water than what is really needed and what will be utilized. The ground surface can only handle so much water before it becomes saturated and just starts running off instead. This is especially true if the soil is extremely dry, such as during a drought. The soil simply becomes too hardened on top to allow absorption. Plus, not everyone has the time or energy to be dragging hoses from place to place, and if you have a large yard, the hoses may not even reach every area.

Additionally, if the lawn and plants aren't watered at the right time of day, much of it can be lost due to evaporation. Most people are getting ready for work in the early morning, not spending time in the yard moving sprinklers from place to place. An irrigation system will deliver a consistent supply where it needed, when it is needed.

What Kind Of Irrigation System Is Best?

If your property is on a small pond, private lake, or other water source, such as a well, you can have a residential irrigation contractor set you up with a pump system. This will draw directly from the water source, allowing you to stay "off-grid" from the municipal water system. Most customers, however, will need to have a metered irrigation system. This will be tied to your municipal water line and will increase your monthly water usage with the city. 

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