How To Prepare For And Clean Up After Your Windows Are Replaced

There might come a time when your home's windows need to be replaced due to leaking, breakage, or perhaps you want your home to be more energy-efficient. Once you have settled on a contractor to complete the work, you will need to prepare your rooms for the job ahead. While the contractor will do the measuring and framing of the window itself, you still need to prepare ahead of time.

Quantity Surveyor

Before any work can be done on replacing your windows, you will need to have a visit from a quantity surveyor. These professionals will visit your home and inspect the windows to be replaced, taking note of the opening you have in your windows and tell you what options of styles you have available that will fit in your frame.

They can also inform you if it's possible to widen the opening without damaging the home's structure in any way. Once they have covered your options and you have decided which windows you would like to have installed, they will tell you how to prepare the window for the installation of your new ones. This will be dependant on the type of window you have chosen.

Prepare Your Rooms

When you have your installation date set, you now need to prepare the rooms in which your new windows will be installed. If you are able to move your furniture away from the windows to give enough room to the professionals in order to work, this is probably a good idea.

Window replacements can be very messy and it is difficult to clean the dust and soot from cloth furniture and rugs. To this end, you should cover your carpets with heavy duty plastic or roll up throw rugs and take them out of the space. If your furniture can't be moved out of the room, then cover them with plastic, a drop sheet or some other type of protective coverings.

After The Installation

Once your windows have been installed, clean up should be a priority. The window installers will take away the old windows and frames so you don't have to worry about disposing of the old material. If you have a heavy duty vacuum or shop-vac, vacuum up any leftover dust or dirt the installers didn't get before removing the plastic coverings. Wipe down the windowsills and frames to remove any additional dust that might have been missed. Replace any furniture and replace your carpets or rugs and enjoy your new windows.

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