3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Accessible

If you are a wheelchair user, you know that one of the most difficult rooms to deal with is the bathroom. You need to be able to do so many things in there, but you can end up with a bathroom that is too small for you and your wheelchair to get in and maneuver. Luckily, there are some options you can look at if you decide to do a full remodel on your bathroom. 

Widen Your Bathroom

If you are going to spend the money to remodel your bathroom so that it's more accessible for you, one of the things you should do is to widen it. That will allow you to easily get your wheelchair in the bathroom and even easily turn around in the bathroom. That will probably mean that you have to lose space in another room, but if it's something you can manage, then it is definitely something to do. 

Get the Right Height Fixtures

Making sure that you can easily use the toilet and the sink in your own bathroom as well as being able to see yourself in the mirror is important. There are various ways that you can figure out what height will work for you. One is to measure the height from your seat to the floor. That will help you figure out the best height for you to use for your fixtures. You can also figure out what to do with your mirror. If you look at public bathrooms, you will notice that many of them have mirrors that are angled so that people in wheelchairs can use them. However, if you don't want to do that, you can always put the mirror next to the sink. That will let you see yourself easier, and if you choose to use a full-length mirror, then everyone will be able to use the mirror. 

Built-In Seating

One thing that you can do to make your life easier is to make sure that your shower has built in seating. That way you don't have to worry about buying a shower seat. You could even get a bench that extends out from the shower or bathroom so that you can slide in easily. If you are worried about getting under the spray, then you can have several different shower heads or you can get a handheld shower. 

If you a wheelchair user, you want to make your house to suit your needs.