Rooftop Safety: Supplies You Will Need

When you start a new roofing project, you want to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies ordered from a roofing distributor. That includes your rooftop safety items as well. Nobody enjoys a trip to the emergency room that could have been avoided had he/she worn all of his/her safety gear. That said, here are some items you should not be without on top of a roof.

Tear-Resistant, Puncture-Proof Coveralls

Yes, it is probably very hot and you want to wear less to work, not more. However, a pair of tear-resistant puncture-proof coveralls prevents numerous injuries that could occur from bent nails jutting out, staple and nail guns that go off, and even saws and hammers that get away from you. Sweating can be fixed with plenty of water, but a puncture wound from a rusty nail takes medical care and an emergency tetanus shot. Which would you prefer?

Slip-Proof, Thick Tread Work Boots

Work boots with thick, heavy treads keep you from falling off a roof. At least, they do if you are walking around on the roof and not stumbling or skidding on shingles and steep slopes. In addition to keeping you erect and on the roof, the treads of these work boots are thick enough to prevent injuries to the soles of your feet, which are commonly causes by nails sticking up in the wrong direction. The thick treads take the brunt of the nail and prevent it from going all the way through your boot. You can feel a nail stuck in the tread with the next step you take across the roof, allowing you to stop and remove it before the nail can go any further.

Commercial Grade Hard Hat

Even if you are just working on a basic residential roof, you want to protect your skull. Since your brain is the organ that drives the function of the rest of your body, you should be protecting it regardless of the type of roof on which you are working. A commercial grade hard hat fits securely to your head and is made of tough, hard, accident-proof plastic. The inner bands are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit for your head and manage to keep the hat on all day long. Buy the right color to suit your job position or provide hard hats to work site guests so that their heads are protected too (e.g., yellow for crew members, white for supervisors, etc.).

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