Confused About What Weather Changes Mean For Your AC?

No matter what you believe about the cause or how you decide to look at the facts, weather is weird in the United States. The weather of 20, 30, 40 or more years ago just doesn't feel the same, and whether it's anecdotal or not, your air conditioning (AC) and heating systems need to be as flexible as your comfort levels on a daily basis. If you're not getting the quality air control in your home with your old system or if you need something for a new home, here are a few considerations before buying the first device on the market.

Central Air Units And Full Home Control

Central air conditioning is designed to keep an entire home or business at a consistent temperature by changing settings at a central unit. The convenience is easy to see, but the way it works can get a bit complex.

When most people mention central air conditioning, they often mean a combination of air conditioning and heating units that deliver temperature-controlled (conditioned) air through a ventilation system. The heating and cooling systems are mechanical and electrical marvels on their own, but getting the air ducts just right is a science of its own.

When purchasing central air conditioning, you're making an investment that could be more efficient than other options, such as window or wall air conditioning and heating units. Although central air's price tag is higher than other air conditioning options, a well-maintained unit provides full building temperature management with energy-saving features that an equivalent number of smaller units can't compete with.

That said, maintenance has to be a priority. You can't just wait for the system to break down, as critical failures often require part replacements or full system replacements. Be sure to speak with an air conditioning service professional to discuss maintenance, warranty terms, and upgrades before costs get too high. 

Window, Wall, And Other Compact AC Options

The initial cost of air conditioning can be a huge hurdle for many households and isn't an option for many apartments. If you can't afford a central air conditioning unit, or if you'd like a backup air conditioning/heating unit in case your apartment building's systems fail for too long, here's a glimpse at the investment.

If you just need something quick while the main air conditioning unit is fixed, an air conditioning service professional can bring in a backup unit for quick installation. Window units may seem like a simple installation, but they're quite heavy and require precision installation to avoid wasting money in operating costs. Air conditioning relies on a proper air seal to make sure that outside air isn't leaking in and affecting the air conditioner's job.

Every air control system requires a home inspection to find cracks, gaps, and holes that could undermine the air conditioner's work, but window units especially need window sealing. The window has to be open for installation, so most window units have a sliding barricade that stretches the length and width of the window opening. Sealing material must be used for efficiency, and despite what you may see in some households, tape isn't enough.

Contact an air conditioning service professional to have window and wall units installed properly for efficient air control, and to get advice on other air conditioning options.