Mudjacking: What It Is And What It Isn't

Mudjacking sounds like you are either stealing mud (i.e., a car jacking only with mud instead of a car) or you are chucking mud at someone. It is actually neither of those things at all. In fact, what it is versus what it is not may surprise you. You may even find mudjacking very useful to your own situation.

What It Is

Mudjacking is actually a very useful construction process for fixing issues with cement. It is most commonly used for lifting cement slabs that have split and fallen, but it is equally effective at fixing slab foundations for houses and buildings that are experiencing some major foundation issues. The process is rather simple too, so simple in fact that it can be completed within a few hours of starting it.

What happens is that a concrete and cement contractor brings a crew to your home or building. He or she assesses the situation and then decides where to drill some holes in the concrete slab that needs to be lifted. These holes are carefully and strategically placed for the maximum benefit and maximum results.

Then a slurry of concrete or cement, soil and water is injected into these holes. When a ton of this slurry is continuously pushed into the holes, it begins to look for a way to escape the building pressure by pushing its way down farther underneath the slab. As it pushes down and away from the holes being filled, it pushes up on the slab to lift it. The broken edges of a concrete or cement slab come back together and are sealed so that they cannot break apart again. The mudjacking also prevents these slabs from slipping downward and away from each other.

The whole process is significantly less expensive than removing all of the broken or downward shifting slabs, or lifting an entire house to replace a slab foundation. This type of repair can last several years.

In Short

In short, mudjacking is not what you thought it was, although it definitely involves a kind of mud and tools which force the "mud" into an area. If you have a sinking slab foundation or you have broken and uneven slabs in your garage, driveway or sidewalk, mudjacking can fix all of the above. It may also be somewhat fun to watch your contractor do this process as it lifts the slabs like magic.