Remodeling Your Basement: Three Ideas to Consider

When it comes to basement remodeling, you may think of creating a space for a wet bar and pool table, but there are many other unique options you can choose for your remodeling project. Here are just a few options for what you can do with your newly finished basement.

Family Gym

If you don't like making a daily trip to the gym, consider creating a family gym in your basement. This space can include the typical workout equipment, such as a treadmill and exercise bike, but it can also include some kid-friendly exercise equipment too. Work with your contractor to create a kid-friendly rock wall on one wall of the gym area, and install rubber flooring beneath the wall for added safety. You can also purchase pint-sized versions of your exercise equipment to let your children work out with you.

Kid's Play Area

Having a kid's play area can be a great way to keep toys and messes away from the main living area. If designed properly, you can also use the play area to observe your children while you take advantage of your home gym. Have your contractor install a wall of windows at the front of your home gym so you have a clear view of the play area. To create a special place for your children to play, work with the contractor to build an indoor play set or obstacle course. This play set might include a small slide, a club house, or even a ball pit. Paint the walls in vibrant colors, and add rubber flooring so your little ones can run and jump safely in this space. You may want to work with a painting contractor to put a mural on the wall for a fun finishing touch.

Guest Suite

If you don't have a spare bedroom upstairs, consider using the remaining space in your basement to create a guest suite. This room should include a private bathroom as well as a large closet. If you have plenty of space available, work with your contractor to create a two-room suite, which can feature both a large bedroom and a main living room. Consider adding a kitchenette so your guests can prepare their own meals and snacks if they choose to.

Talk to contractors like Red Rock Construction about how you can incorporate these ideas into your basement remodeling project. If you have additional space after mapping out these three rooms, consider other options, such as a craft room, home office, or wine cellar to complete the space.