Steps To Keeping Your Industrial Cooler Safe In A Big City

Being a food vendor in a big city can be a fruitful career. If you have a food truck or a cart that allows you to prepare food that the general public likes, you may find yourself being able to sell what you need each day for a good income. One of the biggest issues that you may have is storing your goods. Instead of owning or renting a building, you can have a stand alone industrial cooler that will allow you to store food. You may be able to rent space in the back of a store or a lot to store your industrial freezer. The only issue with this plan is possible safety problems for you and the freezer. Here are three ways to keep the industrial cooler safe in a big city.

Install an extra keypad exterior lock

Most freezers will have a lock on the outside, as this is necessary to make sure that the doors can be closed and locked by the owner. Some of the industrial cooling units will have a lock and key space on the outside. In a big city, it is best to use a keypad lock that is more difficult to break into on top of the lock and key. Install the keypad locking system with a long code that only you and your workers know. This will make sure that no one can open up the cooler to take your supplies. 

Create a breakout system

Getting stuck in a cooler is no fun. Getting stuck in a cooler when you are the only person who knows the code can be a health hazard. Be sure to have an escape route inside of the cooler that you purchase. This can mean having a code on the inside of the cooler that will allow you to lock or unlock it from the outside. You may also choose to have a key that allows you to lock the system inside and outside of the cooler. Place a temperature system that you and your workers can operate if the door to the freezer gets stuck. Go over the emergency escape system or exit plan with all of your workers so that no one gets stuck inside of the freezer with nowhere to go. 

Seal the system down

One of the hardest things to plan for is a natural disaster. If the area that you live in is prone to storms, hurricanes, or blizzards, you will need to be sure that the system is properly sealed and secured to the floor. Have the freezer system bolted to the floor and reinforce and placed in an area where the top and sides are covered. This will minimize any damage to your cooler and make sure you know where the freezer will be, even after a major storm.