Design A Garage Loft For Your Custom Home Build

When you hire a custom home builder to build you the house of your dreams, it's important to give consideration to not only the house itself, but also to the garage. If you're investing money and time in a custom home construction, you'll also want to have the builder create a unique garage that suits all of your needs. Having a loft built about the garage can be highly desirable, especially if you use it for living space. In this sense, the loft essentially adds to the living space of the custom home, giving you a nifty hangout for yourself, a play area for your kids, or a spare bedroom for guests. Here are some features to include in the loft.


A loft with plumbing feels a lot more like livable space than a loft without plumbing. It's ideal to have a bathroom and sink. If you're using the loft as a play area for kids or as a "man cave," these fixtures will be highly convenient. You may also wish to think about having a shower enclosure added to the area. For overnight guests who will be sleeping in your loft, the shower completes a small, three-piece bathroom that guests can use as their own.


A loft over your garage that doesn't have windows can be dark and dingy, and thus not very appealing for family members and guests to spend time in. When you have your custom home builder add a window at each end of the space, it instantly feels more like livable space. There are many styles of windows to consider; a bay window with a reading nook immediately inside it can be a cozy feature, for example. It's ideal to select windows that can open, as this will allow fresh air into the space, which may be valuable in the summer if you don't have air conditioning in the garage.


It can be fun to think about how people will gain access to the loft. Open stairs can keep the area feeling light and roomy, and you may wish to think about adding something ornate, such as a spiral staircase. In the latter style, though, you'll need to think about how you intend to use the space — carrying a large couch up a spiral staircase is a no-go. If you have a hefty budget, an elevator or garage lift can be a desirable feature to consider.