Want to Paint Your Apartment? 5 Tips for Beginners

When you move into your apartment, you may not be too fond of the walls that were most likely given a coat of fresh neutral colored paint. If you want to give some color to the walls, you can always paint them yourself. Here are some tips for those first time painters that could use some advice.

Request Approval from the Landlord

When doing any painting in an apartment, you'll always want to check with your landlord to make sure it is approved. While landlords are typically okay with painting, others may not be. You may learn that there are colors that are not allowed, or that you will need to paint the walls a neutral color before you move out. It is best to not be surprised with the rules later, and to get permission before you start any work.

Pick the Right Paint Type

Picking paint goes beyond picking the right color, since there are many types of paint you'll have to select from. Be aware that there are many finishes, and learn what those finishes are like. Eggshell will look very different on a wall than satin or semi-gloss, even though the color of the paint will be exactly the same. Make sure you are aware of the exact kind of paint that you are using so that you are happy with the look when it is done.

Gather Your Supplies

Don't make the mistake of starting your painting project and not having all of the supplies on hand. Painting is a time sensitive task, and you'll want to have everything ready to go. Go to the store and purchase your paintbrushes, rollers, paint trays, small paint buckets, extension handles, drop cloths, and painter's tape. If you are using the same color throughout many rooms, it helps to mix the paint in a 5-gallon bucket so that all the paint is the same consistency.

Protect Your Floors

Since you are painting in an apartment, you'll want to take extra steps to ensure that you are protecting the floors. If not, you could end up cleaning up a mess or getting a fine when you move out. Always use drop cloths on the floor when painting, even if you think the job you are doing is simple.

Of course, if this seems like too much work for you, know that you can always hire a local painter to handle all of your interior painting needs. Contact companies like M.S. Service Inc. for more assistance.