Own A Parking Garage? What You Need To Know About The Dangers Of Pollutants & How To Clean Them

If you own a parking garage, it's important that you hire a street sweeper. When street sweepers are use for streets and roadways, it's primarily to prevent pollutants from getting into waterways. But for parking garages, street sweepers are important for the structural integrity of the garage and to help keep patrons from slipping and falling. Here's what you need to know.

Damage to Structural Materials

Pollutants from vehicles and water can damage the structure, which will diminish the integrity of the garage. Concrete is porous, which means deicing chemicals, vehicle fluids, and water can get through the concrete to reach the rebar. If the rebar begins to corrode, it will expand. This will cause damage to the concrete as the expanding rebar forces the concrete outward. The result is called concrete spalling, which is when the smooth surface of the concrete breaks into pieces. This exposes the rough, inner part of the concrete.

The grout in the expansion joints can also become damaged from water and pollutants. Expansion joints allow the concrete to expand and contract in hot and cold temperatures. If water and pollutants wash away the grout in the expansion joints, it will expose rebar and steel beams, which then become susceptible to corrosion.

Hazardous Areas from Vehicle Leaks

Vehicles leaking fluids can cause the surface of the parking garage to be slippery. A patron may slip and fall in the parking garage, which could result in personal injury claims being filed against your business. Make sure your parking attendants routinely check the garage for fluid spots so they can put absorbing materials on the spots as soon as possible to prevent people from slipping and falling. If there is a large spot or an excessive amount of fluid, it's a good idea to rope the area off so it cannot be used until you have a street sweeper clean the area.

Street Sweeping & Sealant Application

To remove pollutants, water, and vehicle fluid spots, hire a street sweeper. Of course, you'll need to schedule this service during the hours when your garage is not busy. However, if you live in an area where deicers and other chemicals are used in the winter months, it's important to clear out the entire garage at the end of the winter season so it can be completely cleaned. After the decks have been cleaned, apply a waterproof membrane and penetrating sealer to protect the concrete and rebar.

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