Safety Fence Options For Your Home Construction Project

When you're starting a construction project on your property, safety is a key consideration. Not only should you be considering your own safety and that of the others working on-site, but you should also be attentive to the safety of others who may be in the neighborhood. The last thing you need is to have someone wander onto the site and suffer an injury. Here's a look at a few different types of fence that you can install to keep the hazards in and wanderers out.

Plastic Panels

Plastic fence panels are an affordable option for small-scale jobs that don't pose much security risk. You can opt for a plastic fence style if you're pouring concrete or if you just want to try to contain the work area. A temporary, minimally-invasive fence option is flexible plastic fencing. It's usually made from a soft plastic material that resembles mesh material, only with larger openings. It's typically bright, either yellow or safety-orange. It doesn't offer much resistance, but it's a visual deterrent that's enough when you're just trying to keep people from walking in an area.

Welded Wire

When you are planning a small-scale construction project or short-term work, you can often secure the property with a wire fence and get sufficient security. Welded wire is similar to chain link fencing, but it comes in panels that are similar to portable livestock corrals.

One of the reasons many people opt for this over chain link is because it is easier to install and remove, making it a better choice if you're not going to be on-site for a long time. There are no post holes to dig and no anchors to drive into the ground, though you still get a barrier against intrusion. Just keep in mind that the portable nature of welded wire fence makes it a bit less durable than a full chain link installation, so it may not withstand particularly stubborn attempts to gain access.

Chain Link

If you're taking on a major construction project or one that's going to be long-term, it's important to think about durability and longevity when you choose a fence. For example, chain link fence is known for a long and reliable lifespan. If you want to be sure that your property is protected and difficult to breach, chain link may be the answer you need.

You can also find many unique additions, including heavy duty posts, large fence panels and other security measures. Many chain link fences will even accommodate a slanted barrier atop the fence designed to deter anyone from climbing over. This is a great investment if you're concerned about someone gaining access to the property when it is unattended

If you are looking to create more privacy around the space to deter intruders by blocking visibility, opt for solid plastic slats that you can install on a standard chain link structure. Often used to block out chain-link fence panels, these panels are made from durable plastic that slides into place over the existing fence. This is a great safety barrier, because it not only prevents would-be thieves from seeing inside the job site, but it also covers the chain link fence, making it harder to scale in an attempt to break in. You'll just have to measure the chain link to get the right size slats.

No matter what kind of construction project you're working on, the first thing you need to consider is how to keep the job site safe. Start by thinking about exactly what you hope to achieve from the fence so that you can be sure that you get the right one. For more tips and to get help with your fence installation, talk with a local construction contractor or check out a website like