What Does An Air Conditioning Service Consist Of?

It is recommended that you have your air conditioning unit serviced on a yearly basis, preferably in spring before warm temperatures hit. If you are a new homeowner, or have simply not paid much attention in the past, you may be unsure of what an air conditioning service consists of and what a technician does to your unit. Learning about the steps that are taken during the service will help you to better understand its importance and how it helps your air conditioning unit.

Checking the Cooling Operation

The first thing a technician will do when conducting a heater or air conditioning service is to turn your HVAC or air conditioning unit on and allow it to run. This helps them ensure that the unit is operating as it should and that it is heating or cooling as it is designed to. If they hear any noises or notice any abnormalities, they may recommend your unit be repaired to fix the problem before your annual service can be done.

Measuring the Refrigerant Levels

When your air conditioner is being serviced, an important step that will occur is measuring the refrigerant levels. Refrigerant, also sometimes referred to as Freon, cools the coils in the unit, which ultimately cools the air that comes into contact with these coils. If your unit is low on refrigerant, it cannot produce cold air. If the unit is low, it will need to be topped off to ensure there is enough fluid to cool your home throughout the summer.

Tightening Belts

Your air conditioner uses belts to turn the fans and gears. As these belts turn, they slowly loosen from repeated motion. They need to be tightened to keep all of the fans and gears turning as they should. Failing to have the belts tightened can cause them to snap, break or wear out prematurely.

Lubing Fans and the Motor

Another important element that is done during an air conditioning service is the lubing of the fans and the motor. Lubing these parts, or oiling them, helps them to turn as they should. Without the oil, they may have trouble turning or moving as they should, which can cause them to break. Replacing a motor is a costly expense, so you want to ensure the motor stays oiled.

Cleaning the Coils

The coils play a vital role in producing cool air in your air conditioning unit. The unit pulls outside air in and then pushes that air up against the coils in your air conditioner. These coils are ice cold thanks to the refrigerant running through them, which in turn, makes the air cold. But, when the coils are covered in dirt, dust and other outdoor elements, they don't cool air as well as they could. This causes your air conditioning unit to work harder and longer than it should to cool air, which is why cleaning the coils is so important.

Inspecting the Condensation Pump and Drain

As your air conditioning runs, condensation occurs. This happens as warm air hits the cool coils inside the unit. Air conditioners have condensation pumps and drains to remove this moisture from the unit. However, if the drain or pump is clogged, water can build up inside of the unit, leading to a number of problems. During your air conditioning service, these parts will be inspected and cleaned if needed.

Replacing the Air Filter

The last thing that will be done as part of your air conditioning service is to replace the air filter. As your air conditioning unit pulls outside air into the unit, it passes through a filter to remove dirt, dust and dander. Overtime, these items clog the filter. If the filter is not replaced, your unit can have trouble pulling air in, which can limit the amount of cool air that can be blown into your home.

An air conditioning service helps ensure your air conditioning unit is running as it is designed to. It helps ensure your unit is running effectively and helps your unit last as long as it is designed to. Unfortunately, air conditioners are complex appliances and untrained individuals should not attempt to complete the service themselves. Improperly oiling the motor or tightening a belt can cause extensive damage. Each spring, rely on the expertise of a professional heating and cooling repair technician, such as those at Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, to perform your air conditioning service.