Building A Home? 2 Garage Door Upgrades That Will Make Your Home More Secure

When you start building your dream home, you might be more concerned about hardwood finishes and granite countertops than you are about your garage door. Unfortunately, choosing a basic model might make your home less secure, which could ultimately compromise your safety and security. Here are two garage door upgrades that will make your home more secure, so that you can sleep a little easier at night:

1: Faux Garage Door Windows

Sometimes when people think about upgrades, they stay far away from the word "faux." However, when it comes to your garage door, real windows might make it easy for people to see which cars are home and what you have in storage. Fortunately, faux garage windows, which usually consist of darkly tinted, acrylic glass panels fitted with vinyl accents, can be screwed to your existing garage door to mimic the look of the real thing.

These pretend windows are available in a huge range of designs and colors, so that you can match them perfectly to your existing door. Because the glass isn't real, you won't have to worry about a thief breaking into your garage or using a flashlight to see what's inside. Also, since faux garage door panels are inexpensive—costing around $150 for a single car garage kit—you can change out your windows whenever you see fit. If you decide to repaint your house or change the window shape in the future, you can easily unscrew the panels and install a new set in a few hours.  

If you don't want your neighbors to know that your garage door windows are fake, ask your contractor to attach the windows to the panels before he or she brings the door on site. After your garage door is in place, nobody will know those windows are fake unless they have the opportunity to inspect your garage from the inside. With faux garage door windows, your garage door can look like a polished addition to your home's façade, without compromising your privacy.

2: A System That Doesn't Use Visor Remotes

Those visor remotes might seem like a convenient way to access your garage, but they also make things easier for criminals. After thieves have access to your car, all they need to do is press "home" on your GPS system or rummage around for a piece of mail in your glove compartment to find where to use that remote.

To protect your home and your family, ask your head contractor or builder to choose a system that doesn't use visor remotes. Here are a few modern day options that might help you to keep your place a little safer:  

  • Garage Door Keychain: If you want to keep your garage door remote accessible without compromising your security, consider finding a system with a keychain remote. These new devices are made to look a lot like automotive key fobs, so that criminals don't automatically connect them with your home. To keep your home even safer, some keychain garage door remotes can be deactivated remotely, so that you don't have to worry about someone breaking into your home if you lose your keys.  
  • Rolling Code Key Panels: If you want to make it easy for the people you love to get into your house through your garage door, but you don't want to make your home less secure, shop for a system that has a garage door panel. Unlike their antiquated panel cousins, new systems frequently use rolling code technology, so that the code changes on a regular basis.   

By talking with your builder about garage door upgrades, you might be able to fend off burglaries and keep nosy neighbors from checking out your storage area. For more information on problems you might have, check out garage door repair professionals.