Three Ways To Wreck A Perfectly Good HVAC System

If you have money that you do not know what to do with, consider replacing your HVAC system long before it is due. While you may have qualms with replacing a perfectly good system, a little neglect on your part will go a long ways to ensuring that your system dies before time. With a little luck, you can also raise your heating and cooling bills. That means that you will be able to send more of your extra money to the energy company as well.

1.  Do Not Worry About Filters?

Everywhere you look there are articles about the importance of replacing your filters in your HVAC system. Depending on the type of filter that your unit holds, some articles even have nerve enough to suggest that the filter is changed monthly.

Ask yourself, is this information just hype that has been put out by the filter companies in an effort to generate more revenue? Probably so, because not only does replacing your filters cause you to have to run all over town to find one that is the right size, but then you often have to find tools to get the filters into the places that they belong. If they really needed replacing, it seems that your unit would come with a lifetime supply.

Not replacing them will quickly kill your system's efficiency, which is a great way to generate that higher energy bill. Not to mention that a dirty filter will quickly reduce the life of your system's blower. The additional dust, and air pollutants that are being allowed to circulate through your home are just a bonus.

2,  Do Not Worry About Preventative Maintenance Service Calls

Another thing that you probably have been brained washed on is the importance of preventative maintenance. Anything that has been designed with a ten to twenty year warranty should not have to be looked at each and every year. This is just another appointment that you will have to work into your busy calendar.

Why worry if it is making funny sounds, or not working like it use to? You will get used to both of these things over time. If you decide that you are going to make a service call, why don't you just wait until it breaks down during the height of the summer heat, or on the coldest day of the winter. These emergency calls will usually cost you a premium over a regular maintenance call.

3.  Do Not Clean Your Condenser Coils

If you do not like cleaning on the inside of your home, why are you going to worry about cleaning something that is on the outside of your home? This is what many HVAC service technicians want you to do, or want you to pay them to do.

You find many articles on the market want to scare you about the importance of cleaning your compressor coils. But what is the big deal?. Mold, dirt, and mildew must have somewhere that they can hang out at. If hanging out on your air conditioning coils allows these pollutants to come into your home and cause respiratory problems, you will only see an increase in your medical bills. This is just somewhere else that you can direct your extra money to.

If you are really lucky, the dirt that has built up on your coils will block the airflow going across your coils. This can help your cause in several ways.

  • The dirt, and debris will cause your system to work harder, which will put more stress and strain on your system.
  • Dirty coils will decrease the efficiency of your system, which will raise your cooling costs.
  • When neglected long enough, dirty coils can cause your system to ice up, overheat, or even cause your compressor to be damaged. 
  • A compressor that is running hot can break down your lubricants within your system, killing the compressor motor itself. 

Since your compressor is a major component of your HVAC system, you will be well on your way to wreaking havoc on the system that you own. Before you know it, you will be shopping for a replacement.