Preventing Thefts By Beefing Up Your Garage Doors' Security System

Hundreds of home burglaries are conducted each year in the United States. While many of them were bound to take place, many others could have easily been prevented with a properly installed garage door security system. Burglars usually carefully select when they will attack such as when the house occupants are on vacation or during the holiday season.

This article explains how beefing up the security system of your garage door can prevent thieves from entering in your home and stealing your belongings.

Linking convenience with security issues

If you're a homeowner and have a garage inside your house, then chances are you've also installed a garage door opener for more convenience. When you're coming back from work, you simply press a remote to open the garage door and park your car. While this can be very convenient, especially when the weather is bad, it also poses a major security issue. Most car owners keep their garage door remote at a visible spot inside their vehicle. This sometimes offer great opportunities for burglars to perform their illegal activities.

Indeed, the day when the car is parked outside of the house and the garage door remote is on one of the seats, thieves simply need to break one of the car's windows and retrieve the remote. This is exactly what happened in Pittsburg, PA during the holiday season and drew the attention of several local medias. In this kind of situation, it's easy to see how the convenience offered by the garage door remote led to the security issue and burglary that then followed. In fact, another way of viewing convenience is that whatever is convenient for you will most likely also be convenient for thieves.

Addressing the problem

The behavior of thieves has dramatically changed over the years, if you've noticed. These individuals no longer smash through doors when they decide to conduct one of their plans. Instead, they take the time to carefully lay out a strategy that will ensure success. In other words, burglars have gotten smarter. This means that the best way to keep your valuables safe is by outsmarting those individuals.

The type of garage door that you use plays an important role as it may either negatively or positively affect the amount of safety that you're getting. For instance, using manual garage doors may prove to be inefficient as there's a strong likelihood that thieves try to force it open and get what they came for. Among the many things that you can do to beef up your garage door's security system, there's the use of a remote that would require a new code each time that it's being used to open the garage door.

The new code would be generated by a radio frequency connected to the remote with the ability to detect when the remote was used for the last time, and update the code accordingly. With such a technological feature, burglars won't be able to open your garage even if they manage to retrieve the remote from your car.

Another interesting thing you may use to improve your safety is manual locks. These can be very useful because they allow to immediately spot signs of break-in. if you went running an errand and find that your locks were broken, you should call the police since the burglars may still be inside the property. Manual locks are a great alternative for homeowners who aren't very tech-savvy. They are inexpensive, keep safe, and are available in various types.

There are many other ways to beef up the security system of your garage door. But it's very important that, as a homeowner, you are able to find the right balance between convenience and safety. This will save you from a lot of frustration down the road.

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